By first naming the salon after the children; Cjaelzuriel's, So True became focused on keeping up with the hair trends and the realization of basic hair care needs.

Experienced hair stylist with 30 years experience, Paulet Gaines, is prepared to write the next chapter in hair care. At So True Cjaelzuriel's Salon you are of great importance! Be prepared
to be pampered with love of hair services in a warm quiet atmosphere. Our goal is to bring out your individuality and natural beauty. Weather you need a completely new hair style, eyebrow wax, experiencing hair loss, preparing for your big day or want to find the make-up style that best suits you, you'll find your solution here. Sit back and relax while you are provided with customized services and products that begin with consultations and end with a masterpiece of creativity from So True Cjaelzuriel's Salon.
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